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A new way for young professionals to own 100% of their homes affordably.

Welcome to Polysmiths.

We are a first co-investment developer in London focusing on providing young professionals the opportunity to climb the property ladder.

You will be contributing to the bricks and mortar that make up your home, instead of the property value that is imposed on you by the market.

Your contribution will then be converted into property value, which you can then mortgage to own 100% of the property outright.

Your home will be of high architectural quality, in the city where you currently live and work, and 100% yours.

In a way, our model empowers you, from being a passive 'buyer', you can take part in investing in your home.

If you cannot beat them, join us.


We set up Polysmiths because we believe there must be a way for ambitious young professionals who live and work in the city to afford a better way of living.

We strive to provide a model that integrates intelligent architectural deign with a sound financial plan, that can turn your ambition into 100% home ownership.

We aim to design and build homes that are intelligent: appropriate, attractive and affordable. It must be sensitive to its context, sustainable in its materials and use, and encourages a sense of belonging and optimism.

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Good architecture appreciates in value.

Polysmiths acquires small urban sites with potentials for small-scale high-quality residential units.

Polysmiths will then invite young professionals that match the development profile to contribute to the project upfront.

As the project draws to completion, the financial contribution will be converted into property value, which young professional could use to obtain a mortgage, and own 100% of the property outright.

There will be no loan, no buying shares of a property you cannot afford.

Tell us about your needs.

We are keen to have young professionals that match the development profile to contribute to our portfolio of projects.

If you are an ambitious young professional (between 28-40yo) living and working in London, and are interested to know how to take part in the portfolio of projects we have, drop us a line.

We have an increasing number of projects available within zone2/3 of London, and will soon be expanding to cover other large cities in the UK and beyond. We are keen to hear from you.

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